Crystal Ball Gazing



I wanted to write an article on Crystal Balls. Now I do not profess to be any kind of expert, quite the opposite in fact, but they always fascinated me.

Like most people I thought, oh, I’ll buy one of those and get access to insightful information just by staring at its reflective surface. Wrong. All I got was a headache born from an increasing frustration that all I could see was a vision of myself slowly going boz-eyed.

Now my sister and I used to own a gift shop where we sold metaphysical things. Divination, herbs for smudging, Tingsha’s and singing bowls amongst other things. So I had access to buying and selling crystal balls.

I would try over and over, then I would lose interest when all I could see was my forehead reflected on the surface. Then one day a lady came into my shop. She had psychic ability but kept away from people because she felt she was constantly picking up on their energy and didn’t like that. I knew she had a crystal ball so I would quiz her about it. I wanted to know where she used it? How far away was she when looking into it? Was it in a dark room? Did she see anything?

She told me she did see things in it and yes, the room was generally dark, and she sat about thirty centimetres away from it.

So, armed with this coveted information and convinced I’d cracked the code, I tried again. What I saw was a big fat nothing. Deflated, I went back to the drawing board.

Maybe gazing into a crystal ball was not the only way to use it, I mused. Maybe I was taking this crystal gazing too literally when it didn’t have to be like that. Now, having been a Reiki healer for many years, I thought why not tap into the crystal ball’s energy another way. Maybe I didn’t need to spend hours staring at it. Maybe there was more than one way to access the visions.

After hours of fruitless research, I figured I would make things simple. So I purchased a new clear quartz crystal ball, not a large one, just one about 80mm. I also decided not to ask the crystal for any visions, instead I would simply sit with my new crystal ball each night and just hold it. I asked for a guide to go along with the crystal ball, one I could communicate with. Again, I did not ask anything of the crystal ball, I just held it each day for a period of about a fortnight. I even gave it a name.

On receiving the crystal ball I realised it wasn’t a clear quartz as listed, but something much softer, a white calcite. Well I wasn’t very chuffed when I found this out but then I thought, what if I’m not meant to use a clear quartz? So I continued to hold the calcite crystal ball.

After two weeks, I was now ready to sit with the crystal and finally ask for a vision. I did not stare into it, I simply held it in my hand, one palm up, one palm down. I closed my eyes, and I asked for a vision, something I could later verify.

After about ten minutes I saw a volcano with flowing magma. I also saw a blue dragon holding out a crystal ball to me in its clawed hand. The landscape looked eastern to me. So I got a leather journal and wrote down what I had seen. About fourteen days later I see a news clip saying that ten people were hurt after a volcano had erupted on the main island of Java. The Sileri Crater at Dieng Plateau spewed lava, mud and ash up to 50 meters into the sky.

It looked just like my vision so I was like wow. Still, I thought, this could be a coincidence, a chance vision. I needed to prove it was not a one off.

So, I picked the crystal ball back up and meditated with it. Again I asked it to show me a vision. This time I saw Japanese or Chinese pagoda’s and temples. I saw what looked like black birds or black stuff swirling in the sky. Then I saw waves breaking on a shoreline. Again the landscape looked eastern. There was a very strong wind blowing and crashing along a coastline.

I jotted down what I had seen and the next day I found a news article stating that a typhoon had slammed into Japan grounding flights and injuring people. Typhoon Nanmadol hit Nagasaki’s south-western main island of Kyushi with winds of up to 89 miles an hour.

I was amazed, but could that just be another coincidental, I thought? Let’s see if I can get three out of three, I mused.

Following the same process, I connect with the crystal. I get a vision of a sea port, with three and four-storey buildings. It looked European this time. I can see boats in the harbour and in the distance over the buildings I see bright lights, lighting up the sky. So I jot the vision down and even sketch it this time.

Next day I see these exact same building in a news report about wildfires sweeping through southern France. I had seen a vision of Vieux Port Marseille. My sketch even included the gaps between the buildings. I was amazed.

This couldn’t be a coincidence. I then went on to forecast mud slides in Sierra Leone, Africa. Earthquakes in Italy. Earthquake in Mexico which triggered a volcanic eruption. I saw an earthquake in France. Another landslide in Indonesia. I saw the Stromboli Volcano erupt close to the coastline. It just went on and on. Now I was convinced that what I was seeing was real.

So, that being said, I just wanted to write my article in case there was someone else out there who wanted to use a crystal ball but like me, was having no luck gazing into it. This is just my way of using a crystal ball, maybe it could work for you. It could be worth a try if you are interested in working with one.

I have quite a few crystal balls in my collection now, all different crystals, but I still like my white calcite the best, the one I bought by mistake. Maybe I was destined to have it, who knows. Either way, it has served me well and I continue to use it.

If you do want to try it, just remember to connect with the crystal first. Don’t rush to see a vision. Bond with the crystal and its energy. Then maybe, just maybe, it may show you a vision after all.

Milly X

Crystal Ball Blessing

“I request that Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel bless this scrying ball.

May all visions be pure and true.

So mote it be.”

Crystal Ball Incantation

“I cleanse this ball from energies within, pure, clean and focused to use again.

Crystal ball, its truth I seek. As into possible futures, I peek.

So mote it be.”


White Calcite

White Calcite can heighten one’s perception and help connect you to your Higherself and awaken your spiritual and psychic gifts. It works well with the third eye. This is a good stone for working on emotional releases and forgiveness.




Fluorite is good for grounding and anchoring you. Great stone for releasing mental blocks and bringing a sense of calm. This is a good stone to meditate with if you have any creative blocks, for it is known as the genius stone.




This is a great stone for connecting you to your spirit guides and loved one on the other side. Can help your intuitive, psychic and telepathic abilities. Shattukite is also a great stone for communication as it connects to the heart. It helps you to speak your truth.




This stone works with the third eye and is said to offer psychic protection. This stone also helps you to find your true path in life and can help move you forward. It also helps to strengthen the energy field, and those of you who have always felt out of place in this world and more connected to extraterrestrial origin, will find this stone helps you to feel more comfortable on the earth plane.



Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer, as it works on all aspects of healing. It is a great stone for magnifying the energy of other crystals so would make a good generator crystal. Laying another crystal on a large piece of clear quartz can clean and charge the other crystal. This crystal is good for connecting the physical world with the spiritual world. This is a good stone to meditate with.




Fluorite is good for grounding and anchoring you. Great stone for releasing mental blocks and bringing a sense of calm. This is a good stone to meditate with if you have any creative blocks, for it is known as the genius stone.




Shungite has been proven to have fullerenes, which is a molecules with powerful healing qualities. Fullerenes have the ability to cleans water and infuse it with a healing vibration. It is also said to help with EMF protection. It looks very similar to hemeitie and like hemetite it is an excllent grounding stone.




Citrine is known as the stone of abundance. It also balances the body and can easily transmute negative energies into positive ones. It is good to have around if you are studying. It does not need cleansing. This is a good stone to wear if you need more self-esteem. Or if you are depressed as it helps to raise your vibration.



Clear Glass

Traditionally these are used for scrying, usually in a darkened room. This is a very heavy 110mm Ball so it sits on a chalice to keep it safe. It’s also worth noting that it should always be kept away from windows and direct sunlight, as it can set things on fire by concentrating the rays of sunlight into a tiny spot of light. We once set a garden table on fire, accidentally, while studying one outside. God forbid anyone should leave one in sunlight unattended. This one sits away from a window and is covered by a black silk cloth.