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Because of my background in Reiki and other hands on healing modalities, I have – over the many years of using Reiki, stumbled on useful information from time to time. If I find something that is effective then I like to share that information with other like minded individuals.

Below is a technique for cutting negative ties that have become connected to one or more of the main chakra’s.

Crystals For Grid

2 x Black Tourmaline Tumblestones

2 x Black Obsidian Arrow Heads

1 x Black or Rainbow Obsidian Wand

7 x Corresponding Chakra Stones



  Carnelian, Ruby, Hematite, Red jasper


Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Amber, Golden Calcite

Solar Plexus

Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Amentrine


Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Green Fluorite, Malachite, Green Jade


Turquoise, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine

Third Eye

Lapiz Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Purple- Fluorite


Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Celestite, Angelite, Amentrine


Not all crystals are conducive to cutting negative ties


E.g. Chrysocolla, Azurite, Moonstone, Kunzite, Danburite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite.

These create psychic paths and connections so are best not used for cutting negative ties.


How to Use the Crystal Grid

Place the Obsidian Arrowheads facing left to right on the corresponding chakra point on the body and the Tourmaline Tumblestones facing up and down the body. Place a corresponding crystal for each chakra in the centre of the grid.

Take your Obsidian wand and sweep out from the centre crystal along the arrowhead. Then sweep centre and out to the point of the other arrowhead. Repeat the action for the tourmaline stones. Always starting with the central stone. Each chakra takes about 3 minutes. Obsidian cuts the cord. Tourmaline clears out the negative energy. The chakra stone balances the energy of that particular chakra.

You can do this over one or more chakra’s, whichever you feel have been blocked or is keeping you connected or tied to a particular person, situation or place, even if you think this negative cord is from a previous incarnation or it is connected to some karmic issue.

If you wish to re-establish cords once cut, you can. Cord cutting in and of itself is not a banishing. It simply severs the etheric connection that facilitates a transit for energy to flow from one thing to another. I.e. it severs the cord that keeps you tied to a particular place, time, person, event or issue.


Chakra’s and Negative Cords


 Base Chakra

Grid this chakra if you have negative psychic cords established through physical altercations or sexual contact.

Sacral Chakra

Cut psychic cords that are ancestral, family related, i.e. parent, siblings or karma that you have inherited through birth and wish to sever.

Solar Plexus

Cut any ties to groups of people or establishments, i.e. places of employment, when you have switch careers or if you work with people in the medical, hospitality, psychiatric or teaching professions, especially clear these ties if you have trouble exerting your will in a public spectrum.

Heart Chakra

Any ties that are romantic, fraternal, even karmic relationships to someone you feel you should not be connected to in this life time.

Throat Chakra

Any established contractual connections, these are not legal promises, these are vows made to others that no longer serve you. If you have divorced someone cut all obligations to that person. If you have bound your words to people that you wouldn’t normally connect to.

Third Eye

Cuts ties to events that you have seen, past, present or future. This helps to stop nightmares from manifesting. Cuts ties to places in time. Helps with trauma so it no longer plagues you when it is stored in their mind. If you are around dysfunctional people or disease on a regular basis it cleanses that person’s imprint from your energy.

Crown Chakra

This should be cleared if you regularly work with or are psychic, or you deal with the spirit world and receive psychic messages, images and guidance. If in your past you have dealt with fraudulent people or negative spiritual messages, or if you have encountered harmful entities that leave negative energies in your aura. Or if you feel these people have led you down the wrong path and attached negative energy to you. Or you have encountered toxic relationships.