New Book Published

Free Limited Time Ebook Offer The Ghosts of Breckon Ridge   Hi, there, I have just published a new book called The Ghosts of Breckon Ridge in paperback and Ebook format. For a limited time I am offering a free copy of this Ebook from 2nd June until the 6th June. You can find it on Amazon or by following the Free Ebook link below. (It is listed on Amazon as The Ghost of Breckon Ridge, my mistake when publishing it, and you can't change the title once published.) If you like adventure stories then you might like this one. Yet again, Princess Shamone gets embroiled in someone else’s adventure, but can she complete her quest before her arch nemesis Sabian finds out? You’ll have to read it to find out. I hope you enjoy it. Milly Jane Ayre.   Prologue It is said in the Halls of Great Learning [...]

Hardback Oracle Card Journals

New Hardback Daily Oracle Card Journals   Hi there, Amazon have started to produce Hardback covers so I am trying out a few of my journal designs in a slightly larger format with more pages. For reference the paperback version is 8" x 10" and 200 pages priced at £7.99 The Hardback version is 8.25" x 11" and 250 pages at £14.99 If they prove popular I may convert more of my Paperback Journals into Hardback. The three journals I have in Hardback are pictured below. One of which is a new design. Hope you like them. Best wishes Milly X   Now Available in Amazon's Store Paperback link for Amazon Daily Oracle Card Journal Hardback link for Amazon Daily Oracle Card Journal Paperback Link for Amazon Daily Oracle Card Journal Hardback Link for Amazon Daily Oracle Card Journal Paperback link for Amazon Daily Oracle Card Journal Hardback link for [...]

Practical Tarot Wisdom

Practical Tarot Wisdom with the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck Review       I thought I would do a review on this small Tarot Deck. It's difficult to find a deck that can give you the basic tarot meanings without wading through books. This deck already has the meanings on each card so that is a good start. It is only limited by how much text you can print on each card but there is enough to get you going. Once you have the basics of each card you can study the more in-depth meanings at a later date. I bet there is many a deck and book lying on shelves collecting dust because the amount of information kind of overwhelmed the reader and they gave up. Well with this deck there is no booklet, its all written on each card. I think it is a good purchase for anyone [...]

Tarot Grand Luxe Review

Tarot Grand Luxe Review     I thought I would review the Tarot Grand Luxe deck by Ciro Marchetti. Now I don't buy many Tarot Decks, although I did own, many years ago, an original Rider Waite deck made up of just the Major Arcana. They're old and battered and still have the price tag on them, £3.69 Yes, that's how old they are. Actually they were a present from by brother. I did use them but eventually moved to I Ching, and then to Mah Jongg cards which I used all the time. Only recently did I become interested in Tarot again. So, I rummaged through my divination box coughing and spluttering from the dust, and found another deck of Rider Waite Tarot, this time a full deck of 78 cards. The only problem with this deck, is the court cards do not have pictures. Groaning at the thought [...]

Daily Manifestation Journal

Daily Manifestation Journal Hi there, I've created a new journal for Scripting or Manifesting. It is a blank journal with ruled pages. I designed the book for myself and friends, and like my Daily Oracle Journal I thought that other people might like a journal to jot down what they wish to manifest in their lives.  You can use this journal however you like, but I have added a few suggestions on how you might phrase things in the present tense just as a guide. Like my other journals, I decided to create them with a choice of different covers because not everyone likes the same style. There are seven designs so far. I also thought that if you finish a journal you might want a different cover for the next one and so I created more with this in mind. The size format is 8" x 10" These journals [...]

Dragon Path Oracle Cards Review

Dragon Path Oracle Cards Review   I thought I would write a review on my latest deck of cards. I have hung my nose over these cards for some time. What can I say, I cannot resist dragon cards and these are beautiful. Caroline Mitchell has done a lovely job creating these cards and Tiras Verey has done an amazing job in bringing these dragons to life. When I buy a new deck of cards I always use them on people before I write a review, only then can you get a true feel for them. And I have to say, I like them, I like them a lot. They are not only attractive to look at but they are very accurate, and I like the way Caroline lets the dragons speak to you directly in the cards meaning. If you  or someone you know is mad on dragons or [...]

Dragon Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Review Dragon Oracle Cards   This is yet another deck by Diana Cooper, and I confess I have a penchant for dragons so I was instantly draw to these. I do own some other dragon cards, the Celtic Dragon Tarot Cards, which I love, but I wanted to try these out as well. Each card has a title, and then what each dragon does, and key words below that. The guidebook does explain what dragons are, what they look like and how they can help us. The card stock is fine, not extra thick but they shuffle well and are a glossy print. They are in the usual sturdy Hay House box. The artwork is by Carla Lee Morrow and is very stylised, but I like that. I especially like how you can meditate or petition the dragons for guidance and help. These are the type of cards [...]

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle

Oracle Card Review Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle   I don’t often buy Faery Oracle Cards; out of all the decks I own I think I only have two that incorporate fairies. Still the artwork appealed to me and who doesn’t love a Lucy Cavendish card deck. The artwork by Selina Fenech is simple beautiful. Very elaborate and colourful. I don’t think there is a card I don’t like in this deck.  It’s easy to understand what each card is about through the artwork. The card is slightly larger than normal and have a border around the picture. I don’t mind that but I know some people like cutting them down. If you did the card would still be a reasonable size. The guidebook is larger than normal, and each card has a lot of information about it. These oracle cards do have a reverse meaning as well, which [...]

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Review Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards       I treated myself to these cards because I have Kyle Gray’s previous decks which I adore and use all the time, especially for picking a card each day. I especially love that these cards cover all cultures and the artwork by Lily Moses is beautiful. The deck is very earthy in tones, using mainly browns, greens, oranges, so when you see a pop of colour it really pops out at you. The pictures are full frame, there is no border which I know a lot of people like, if you are one of those, then you’ll like this deck. The deck is also in a matt finish not glossy. There is the title, and key words on the card. The deck is divided up in to categories, such as Sacred Ones, Guardian & Messengers, Warrior Symbols, and lastly Seasons. [...]

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Review Archangel Animal Oracle Cards   I bought these Diana Cooper oracle cards because I love anything with animals on it and I see a lot of animals when I do reiki, so I was very interested in these cards. I love the art work by Marjolein Kruijt, they are simply beautiful cards. Each card has its name, keywords, then the archangels associated with the animal in question. I like that the cards give the celestial origins of some of the animals and their mission here on earth. All of which can tie into your mission.  The card then gives you guidance. Whether you are an animal lover or not you will love these cards. The guide book is concise with information about the animal and then a section for guidance. There is a guide for a one card spread, along with a three and seven card spread. [...]