Whispers On The Wing Poetry


The Running Quest

My feet they struggle over desert sands
As I stand up from where I fell
I feel blood is washed under heartbeats
The canyon walls now become my cell
Dizzy heat in my dream I’m now running
Through a wasteland, from thunders heat
Over tribal fires I go racing
From spinning worlds I seek to retreat
Now I’m trapped in a world of my fury
That turns me left then right
Stalking shadows shroud out my feelings
As I stumble to grasp for the light
Spinning endlessly round in my circles
I see nowhere I can run
Then a brave, his black hair flying
I see framed by an ochre gold sun
He asks have I the heart, am I spiritual
Am I aware of my visionary quest
Only then will my walls break around me
Only then will my soul find its rest
There is beauty in tribal freedom
That only true souls are blessed here to see
He said face it, your spirit has fire
Only then shall you ever be free
I asked how in my dreams could I see him
He said souls sometimes call out his name
I asked how if we dance different rhythms
He said true, but we’re one in the same
So I waved farewell to my wise Indian brave
He whispered, a true soul stands how she should
Not battered and broken by problems, but straight
For a true warrior sees only good.

By Milly Jane Ayre (Copyright 2014)


Dancing With Thermals

I’ve climbed where mortal man dares not

Beyond clouds I’ve ventured far

And no one knows it more than I

What it’s like to dance with stars

I’ve tumbled thermals that tempt the brave

I’ve flown into space so high

And caught the cries of air swept words

Of eagles commanding our skies

And all because my wings of steel

Have held their grace for me

I’ve flown beyond my boundaries

As far as the eye can see

And I’ve challenged the storms of battle

As I’ve lost all sight of ground

And melded with the clouds above

With only my heartbeat for sound

There I’ve touch a part of heaven

Caught a glimpse of what birds see

Now I know why God gave eagles wings

On the thermals they’re eternally free

If I could give you but a second

Just a glimpse of how it feels

To fly my spitfire beyond the blue

As into ether she finally steals

And only celestials can chase me there

As I soar with them ever higher

And I’d trade no place on earth right now

For my camouflage heaven, my spitfire

By Milly Jane Ayre (Copyright 2014)


A Summer Wind That Sighed

I thought I heard your footsteps

Near a river flowing wide

I thought I heard you call my name

But it was a summer wind that sighed

I thought if I walked the valleys

I’d discover the friend I knew

I thought if I chased the rainbows end

I’d find my way back to you

I thought if I ran in rain that fell

My tears would be washed away

And I thought if I saw a shooting star

I could wish you back to stay

And I’m sure I heard your familiar breath

But it was butterflies taking to wing

And I’m sure I heard your lamented song

But it was a skylark that I heard sing

Then I swore I caught your image

But it was shadows dancing in leaves

And I’m sure I caught your spirit

But it was a thousand swaying trees

And I’m sure I heard you running

But it was wild horses passing by

And I swore I saw you in the clouds

But it was an illusion of the sky

So I asked my friend to meet me

In the stillness of my mind

And I prayed for just a simple glimpse

Of the friend I longed to find

Then a breeze it took my attention

As the sun silhouetted your form

And my soul felt finally sane again

As you cleansed away my storm

Now I know I heard your footsteps

Near a river flowing wide

Now I know I heard you call my name

On a summer wind that sighed

By Milly Jane Ayre (Copyright 2014)

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