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EBooks soon available in Paperback

My EBooks will soon be available in Paperback Hi there, I'm excited to say that my first six books will soon be available to buy in paperback. I have been working really hard on producing them so for all those of you who like to read an actual book then here is your chance to read  buy one. Fingers crossed, they will be on Amazon by November. I am still working on producing new and future ebooks but I will also be publishing them in paperback shortly after. A list of book titles due for publication in paperback are below:- Follow The Heart (Hyperion Series) The Emerald Thief (Hyperion Series) The Jade Pendant (Hyperion Series) Cugar's Search (Oberon Series) Spirits Of The Medicine Drum (Hyperion Series) Where Destiny Leads (Oberon Series)   Take Care, Milly XX  

Book 9 Published Ghost From The Past

  Book Nine Published Ghost From The Past   Hi there, this is the ninth Ebook in my new series. It's called Ghost from The Past and can be purchased using the Amazon link below. My new book, Ghost from The Past has just been published on Amazon. In this story Princess Shamone finds herself helping a complete stranger to unravel the truth of her past. Unfortunately there are those less honourable who seem intend  on scuppering her plans. To read an excerpt you can press the Excerpt Chapter Link. To read more about the book you can press Ghost From The Past Link. I hope you enjoy reading it. Book Description At fourteen, Arianna often wondered why life was so cruel as to land her with two uncaring vicious and greedy parents. The only thing they ever cared about was money. So when her only friend, an elderly lady [...]