XP-Pen Artist22 Drawing Monitor Review

Review XP-Pen Artist22 22inch HD IPS Graphic Pen Display Interactive Drawing Tablet Monitor   XP-Pen Artist22 22inch HD IPS Graphic Pen Display Interactive Drawing Tablet Monitor (1920x1080) Support Windows Mac with Adjustable Stand (Artist22)   I just thought I would leave a review on the XP-Pen drawing monitor. I've decided to revamp my book covers throughout the coming year and needed something to make my life a little easier. I normally do all my artwork the old-fashioned way, oil paints, acrylics and watercolours, which will still come into play but I needed to create more sophisticated digital artwork as well. I looked around and stumbled on various drawing monitors. Now having never used one before I had no reference point to start from, so, like most people, I read review after review and eventually ended up staring into the corner of my office like I'd been hit with a [...]

Guided Meditation

I love using guided meditation CD's to chill out, especially if I need to unwind.  I used to sell Guided Meditation CD's in my shop and often found that a lot of my customers also needed to chill out, our lives can get hectic at times and we can forget to stop, reflect and collect ourselves. I used to recommend meditation but if you have never meditated before then hour long guided meditations can seem daunting; it's not and once you get into the mind set you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It does take time to learn to meditate, especially if you are not used to sitting still, being peaceful and accepting the world around you. Well, fear not, because over quite a few years I have found the perfect CD's for you, even if you have busy lives. Listed below some of the CD's that [...]

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Relaxing Music

As a Reiki Practitioner I like to use specific music to work with, music that is relaxing and creates an atmosphere of positive energy and an holistic Reiki experience for my clients. I have a wonderful compliment of CD's selected from the many CD's I have listened to. I would like to give you the benefit of my experience and in so doing to also benefit your wallet, so, here is a list of the CD's I feel work exceptional well with Reiki, Reflexolgy and Massage. I used to own a Gift & Metaphysical Shop and only stocked the best quality music. As part of the shop I had a Therapy Room and when you are listening to music day in day out you have to find the right kind that you do not get bored with. I often download MP3's from Amazon, here are a few of the tried and tested tracks that I [...]

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For anyone who wants to buy and read ebooks I highly recommend any of the the Kindle products. I've had one about two years now and I love how fast they are at downloading books. They also save you a lot of space on your shelves. I wouldn't be without mine and it is partly why I got into writing books for the ebook market. They are compact and great fun to use. I liked it so much I got my friend one for her birthday and now my mum is addicted to reading on them.

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