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New Book Being Published In June

New Book Being Published in June The Black Falcon (Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 6) Hi there, I will be publishing my next book in the Mixed Kingdoms Series sometime in May. The book is called The Black Falcon. In this story Kameko has to face some pretty tough enemies, she lets her emotions get the better of her and she ends up fighting for her life, literally. Meanwhile, Valcat; a Calliston Warrior, wants to know where she's disappeared to and unable to just sit around and wonder, he sets out to find her. I enjoyed writing this story because the characters are led to believe one thing while something completely different is happening, and it's how they react to what they believe is going on. Plenty of action, confusion and crossed wires makes for a fun story. I hope people have as much fun reading it as I did writing [...]

Talking to Heaven Cards Review

Talking To Heaven Card Review I've just got my new Talking to Heaven Cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh. And I have to say I'm impressed. They seem simple but they are not. You have to use these  a little different to affirmation cards. Amazon say, Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh have drawn upon their combined years of spiritual counseling work to bring you a healing tool to create clear conversations with heaven. Your loved ones in heaven want to talk with you, and share their love and reassurance to help heal your grief. With these Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards, you can ask a departed friend or family member a question and receive answers through the 44 beautiful cards in the deck and the messages in the accompanying guidebook. Designed to complement Doreen and James's How to Heal a Grieving Heart, this card deck is a [...]

New Book Published

New Book Published Order of the Red Griffin   Hi there, I'm pleased to say that my next book Order of the Red Griffin in the Mixed Kingdoms Series, has finally been published  in Kindle format and is available on Amazon. It will also be available in paperback. In the Kingdom of Tethys, Kameko, a female Red Griffin Warrior is intent on finding out who is trying to discredit or kill her. When she realises that her enemy is closer to home than she first thought, she has no choice but to unearth the truth. But when things go from bad to worse, she finds herself escorting two spoilt children across the Kingdom of Oberon and into Calliston Warrior territory. In a short space of time she finds herself a wanted criminal and with two very disgruntled Calliston Warriors intent on bringing her to justice. I had a lot of [...]

The Blackstone Temple Published

The Blackstone Temple     Hi there, I'm pleased to say that my next book The Blackstone Temple in the Oberon Series, has finally been published  in Kindle format and should be available in a day or two of this post. It will also be available in paperback within the coming week. More trouble and strife for the Calliston Warriors. Bless them, they just don't seem to get a break where Charity Tyr Elise is concerned. I had a lot of fun writing this one so I hope you enjoy it. Click this link if you want to read the first chapter. The Blackstone Temple Chapter Excerpt Charity can be found in my next book The Mystic's Pendant where unfortunately for the Calliston's she is still up to her old tricks. Click this link if you want to read the first chapter of my next book. The Mystic's Pendant Chapter [...]

New Book Published

The Sceptre of Rivel Gorge  Hi there, I have just published another one of my books, which is now available in Paperback and Ebook format. The new title is The Sceptre of Rivel Gorge. You can read a chapter excerpt by clicking on the chapter excerpt link. I am now working on my next book, called The Blackstone Temple, which should, fingers crossed be published around April 2015 Now Available in Amazon's Kindle Store & Paperback   Kindle Price £1.99 Paperback Price £8.99  

My Ebooks are now available in print

My Ebooks Are Now Available in Print I'm excited to say that most of my ebooks are now available in print on Amazon. The titles that are now available are:- Follow the Heart The Emerald Thief The Jade Pendant Cugar's Search Spirits of the Medicine Drum Where Destiny Leads When Paths Collide Whispers on the Wing Poetry Whispers on the Wing Poetry & Prose The paperbacks for Crystal of the Seven Mists and Ghost From the Past will also be available soon. The Castle of Llyr Tallow will be available in ebook by December and in print by January. I hope you like them I had a lot of fun writing them.  Spirits of the Medicine Drum is dear to my heart because I wrote it for my sister who passed recently from cancer. You can always go to my chapter excerpts for each book to find out what they [...]

EBooks soon available in Paperback

My EBooks will soon be available in Paperback Hi there, I'm excited to say that my first six books will soon be available to buy in paperback. I have been working really hard on producing them so for all those of you who like to read an actual book then here is your chance to read  buy one. Fingers crossed, they will be on Amazon by November. I am still working on producing new and future ebooks but I will also be publishing them in paperback shortly after. A list of book titles due for publication in paperback are below:- Follow The Heart (Hyperion Series) The Emerald Thief (Hyperion Series) The Jade Pendant (Hyperion Series) Cugar's Search (Oberon Series) Spirits Of The Medicine Drum (Hyperion Series) Where Destiny Leads (Oberon Series)   Take Care, Milly XX  

Book Eight Published Crystal Of The Seven Mists

Book Eight Published Crystal of the Seven Mists   Hi there, this is the Eighth Ebook in my new series. It's called Crystal Of The Seven Mists and can be purchased using the Amazon link below. My new book, Crystal Of The Seven Mists has just been published on Amazon. In this story Princess Shamone unwittingly finds herself in a race to align a sacred crystal to its new guardian, trouble is some new adversaries have other ideas. Has she finally met her match or will she succeed even when fate conspires to scupper her plans at ever turn. To read an excerpt you can press the Excerpt Chapter Link. To read more about the book you can press Crystal Of The Seven Mists Link. I hope you enjoy reading it.   Book Description It was simple, Princess Shamone would visit Count and Countess Corvus in Vicarra, spend a few [...]

Book Seven Due out in June 2014

New Ebook Out Soon   Book Seven in my series should be published in Amazon's Kindle shop in June 2014 The Title will be When Paths Collide.

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