New Book Being Published in June

The Black Falcon
(Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 6)


Hi there, I will be publishing my next book in the Mixed Kingdoms Series sometime in May. The book is called The Black Falcon. In this story Kameko has to face some pretty tough enemies, she lets her emotions get the better of her and she ends up fighting for her life, literally. Meanwhile, Valcat; a Calliston Warrior, wants to know where she’s disappeared to and unable to just sit around and wonder, he sets out to find her.

I enjoyed writing this story because the characters are led to believe one thing while something completely different is happening, and it’s how they react to what they believe is going on. Plenty of action, confusion and crossed wires makes for a fun story. I hope people have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.


Book Description

Kameko, a former Red Griffin Warrior from the Kingdom of Tethys, had now settled in Oberon as a bounty tracker. She soon learns however that tracking criminals is far less dangerous than crossing paths with the mysterious Black Falcon.

Determined to utilise Kameko’s skills as a fighter, the Black Falcon arranges to have her join his illegal fighting ring of cutthroats and misfits. Whether Kameko wants to or not, she is forced to use her skills to stay alive, the warriors are pitted against each other in makeshift fighting arenas.

Valcat, a high–ranking officer in the army of Caddoan is determined to find out what Kameko is up to. When she refuses to tell him he makes it his goal to uncover the truth, but, an old acquaintance of Kameko’s has other ideas and before long Valcat begins to question how well he really knows Kameko.


If you want to read a chapter excerpt then follow this link. The Black Falcon.

If you have any questions about my books or blogs just drop me a line and I will be happy ot answer them. Take Care Milly X



Will be available in Amazon’s Kindle Store & in Paperback


Kindle Price £1.99
Paperback Price £8.99

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