Dragon Path Oracle Cards



I thought I would write a review on my latest deck of cards. I have hung my nose over these cards for some time. What can I say, I cannot resist dragon cards and these are beautiful.

Caroline Mitchell has done a lovely job creating these cards and Tiras Verey has done an amazing job in bringing these dragons to life. When I buy a new deck of cards I always use them on people before I write a review, only then can you get a true feel for them. And I have to say, I like them, I like them a lot. They are not only attractive to look at but they are very accurate, and I like the way Caroline lets the dragons speak to you directly in the cards meaning.

If you  or someone you know is mad on dragons or oracle cards then I would highly recommend this deck. And let’s face it, you can always find space on your book shelf for a new deck of cards, okay, mine is bowing under the weight but that won’t stop me adding one more deck.

Caroline has also said that she has more information on these beautiful dragons but could not fit it all in the booklet, and will, at some point, write an additional book to expand on each dragon. I hope she does take the time to write the book because I would be interested in learning more about these particular dragons as would others who already have her cards.  So, fingers crossed that that comes to pass. I for one would buy it.

You can find Caroline on YouTube under the user name of Caroline Mitchell The Original Dragon Lady.

Hope you like them, Milly X


Amazon says:-

About the Cards: There are 33 beautiful and colourful cards with the deck, which also comes with its own handy guide book.

The dragon messages are straight forward – dragons shoot from the hip so to speak – and are no nonsense. But they are also compassionate and understanding of us as Human Doings as they like to call us.

The Dragons are as old as the Universe. They are seen by many as fierce fire breathing, gold hoarding beasts, which couldn’t further from the truth. The dragons held within this deck are here to guide and support us we travel through our lives, taking in many of its up’s and down’s. They encourage us to be brave, to listen to our intuition, to be still, and to stand up for what we know to be right.

Their messages, compassion, wisdom and strength will guide you. All you need to do is ask them to step forward and support you. They have a sense of humour and are incredibly straight talking. It makes them joy to work with and amazing to have them walk by your side when invited in. They encourage our spiritual and personal development and growth and of course healing, for we all a work in progress. Enjoy your journey with the dragons held within this beautifully illustrated deck.


Dragon Path Oracle Cards