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Dragon Oracle Cards


This is yet another deck by Diana Cooper, and I confess I have a penchant for dragons so I was instantly draw to these. I do own some other dragon cards, the Celtic Dragon Tarot Cards, which I love, but I wanted to try these out as well. Each card has a title, and then what each dragon does, and key words below that. The guidebook does explain what dragons are, what they look like and how they can help us. The card stock is fine, not extra thick but they shuffle well and are a glossy print. They are in the usual sturdy Hay House box.

The artwork is by Carla Lee Morrow and is very stylised, but I like that. I especially like how you can meditate or petition the dragons for guidance and help. These are the type of cards I would pick when I wanted to meditate on an issue and then see what information I would receive.

I first picked the Dark Blue Galactic Dragon, who invites you to tune in to the Intergalactic Council where you will be offered the honour of petitioning them. To find out how to take this journey you need to read the guidebook and there are longer explanations in a separate book, Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians, that compliments this deck, suffice it say, I enjoyed it immensely.

Would I recommend these cards? Yes I would, to all those dragon loving souls out there.


Amazon say: –

Dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realms who are sent here by Source to help and assist us. They operate on a different vibrational frequency to us, which is why most people can’t see them, but they are very willing to connect with us if we are ready to tune in to their wavelength. Their guidance can help us to clear lower energies, flow around challenging situations and inspire us in our life visions.

The 44 cards in this beautiful and unique deck will offer you advice about your daily life, your soul mission and how you can serve the planet. Also included is a guidebook which shows you how to conduct readings with the deck, reveals the in-depth meaning of each of the cards and explains the unique roles and energies of earth, air, fire and water Dragons.

As you work with these cards you will discover many ways in which the Dragons can support your life, assist your spiritual growth and illuminate your ascension path. Allow them to inspire and guide you!

Dragon Oracle Cards


Diana Coopers Book

Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians


Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians


Amazon Say: –

Dragons are returning to Earth now to prepare us for the Golden Age – and to help you ascend to the Light!

Dragons are celestial beings from the angel realms who have been sent here by Source to assist and protect us. They have been serving our planet since its inception and work with the angels in service for the highest good.

In this book, world-renowned ascension and Atlantis expert Diana Cooper shares incredibly detailed and practical knowledge about the dragons and how they can support us. You’ll discover:

· the history of dragons on Earth, how they came to be here and their mission for humanity
· the air, earth, fire and water dragons, and how they act as personal companions
· the higher frequency and galactic dragons and the wisdom they bring
· how to meet your personal dragon guide and how it can help you on your ascension path

Through the visualizations and exercises in this book, you’ll learn how to attune to dragon frequencies and expand your consciousness. All you have to do is ask – and watch how the dragons co-operate with the angels to fulfil your soul’s deepest desires!