Book Eight Published Crystal Of The Seven Mists

Book Eight Published Crystal of the Seven Mists   Hi there, this is the Eighth Ebook in my new series. It's called Crystal Of The Seven Mists and can be purchased using the Amazon link below. My new book, Crystal Of The Seven Mists has just been published on Amazon. In this story Princess Shamone unwittingly finds herself in a race to align a sacred crystal to its new guardian, trouble is some new adversaries have other ideas. Has she finally met her match or will she succeed even when fate conspires to scupper her plans at ever turn. To read an excerpt you can press the Excerpt Chapter Link. To read more about the book you can press Crystal Of The Seven Mists Link. I hope you enjoy reading it.   Book Description It was simple, Princess Shamone would visit Count and Countess Corvus in Vicarra, spend a few [...]