Practical Tarot Wisdom

Practical Tarot Wisdom with the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck Review       I thought I would do a review on this small Tarot Deck. It's difficult to find a deck that can give you the basic tarot meanings without wading through books. This deck already has the meanings on each card so that is a good start. It is only limited by how much text you can print on each card but there is enough to get you going. Once you have the basics of each card you can study the more in-depth meanings at a later date. I bet there is many a deck and book lying on shelves collecting dust because the amount of information kind of overwhelmed the reader and they gave up. Well with this deck there is no booklet, its all written on each card. I think it is a good purchase for anyone [...]

Daily Manifestation Journal

Daily Manifestation Journal Hi there, I've created a new journal for Scripting or Manifesting. It is a blank journal with ruled pages. I designed the book for myself and friends, and like my Daily Oracle Journal I thought that other people might like a journal to jot down what they wish to manifest in their lives.  You can use this journal however you like, but I have added a few suggestions on how you might phrase things in the present tense just as a guide. Like my other journals, I decided to create them with a choice of different covers because not everyone likes the same style. There are seven designs so far. I also thought that if you finish a journal you might want a different cover for the next one and so I created more with this in mind. The size format is 8" x 10" These journals [...]

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Review Archangel Animal Oracle Cards   I bought these Diana Cooper oracle cards because I love anything with animals on it and I see a lot of animals when I do reiki, so I was very interested in these cards. I love the art work by Marjolein Kruijt, they are simply beautiful cards. Each card has its name, keywords, then the archangels associated with the animal in question. I like that the cards give the celestial origins of some of the animals and their mission here on earth. All of which can tie into your mission.  The card then gives you guidance. Whether you are an animal lover or not you will love these cards. The guide book is concise with information about the animal and then a section for guidance. There is a guide for a one card spread, along with a three and seven card spread. [...]

New Book Published The Dragon’s Eye

New Book Published The Dragon's Eye (Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 5) Hi there, I've just published another book, The Dragon's Eye. I had a lot of fun writing this one because yet again Princess Shamone from the Kingdom of Hyperion gets herself into even more trouble, and not only that but she ends up in another kingdom, the Kingdom of Oberon, where some of my favourite warriors live, the Calliston Warriors. I hope people have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.   Book Description Princess Shamone could not allow Sabian, her father's junior aide to get his hands on the Dragon's Eye. If she had to take a journey across the sea to another kingdom then so be it. Once there she would find the remaining relics to complete the Dragon's Breath Sword and return it to its guardian. Sabian and one of her father's high-ranking [...]

New Book Published

Finding the Oracle of Truth   Hi there, I'm pleased to say that my next book Finding the Oracle of Truth in the Mixed Kingdoms Series has been published in Kindle format and is now available on Amazon. It will shortly be available in paperback also. In Finding the Oracle of Truth, Kameko, a former Red Griffin Warrior in the Kingdom of Tethys, was warned by Valcat, a Calliston Warrior in Oberon, not to go to the Fire Mines. As usual, his warning went unheeded because tracking criminals was what she did for a living. Whether Valcat liked it or not, Kameko would ignore his sage advice and head out to the Fire Mines alone. But unbeknown to her, the people who have requested her help have ulterior motives for enticing her to the mines. Finding herself in more trouble than she bargained on, Kameko quickly realises that maybe, just [...]

The Blackstone Temple Published

The Blackstone Temple     Hi there, I'm pleased to say that my next book The Blackstone Temple in the Oberon Series, has finally been published  in Kindle format and should be available in a day or two of this post. It will also be available in paperback within the coming week. More trouble and strife for the Calliston Warriors. Bless them, they just don't seem to get a break where Charity Tyr Elise is concerned. I had a lot of fun writing this one so I hope you enjoy it. Click this link if you want to read the first chapter. The Blackstone Temple Chapter Excerpt Charity can be found in my next book The Mystic's Pendant where unfortunately for the Calliston's she is still up to her old tricks. Click this link if you want to read the first chapter of my next book. The Mystic's Pendant Chapter [...]

New Book Published

The Sceptre of Rivel Gorge  Hi there, I have just published another one of my books, which is now available in Paperback and Ebook format. The new title is The Sceptre of Rivel Gorge. You can read a chapter excerpt by clicking on the chapter excerpt link. I am now working on my next book, called The Blackstone Temple, which should, fingers crossed be published around April 2015 Now Available in Amazon's Kindle Store & Paperback   Kindle Price £1.99 Paperback Price £8.99  

Whispers On The Wing Poetry Ebooks

Whispers On The Wing Poetry Ebooks     Hi there, My poerty books are now available in Kindle and Paperback from Amazon. I hope you enjoy them. Milly XXX   Whispers On The Wing Poetry This book contains a collection of poems written over a period of years. Some were inspired by dreams some by observations, some by losing something precious. Whispers On The Wing Poetry & Prose This book contains a collection of poems and prose written over a period of years. Some were inspired by dreams some by observations, some of the wisdom was passed down from my guides. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you are inspired to write your own.     Now Available in Amazon's Kindle Store & in Paperback Whispers On The Wing Poetry Price £1.99 Kindle Price £5.99 Paperback     Now Available in Amazon's Kindle Store & in Paperback Whispers [...]

Book Seven Published ‘When Paths Collide’

New Book 'When Paths Collide' Published       Hi there, this is the Seventh book in my new series. It's called When Paths Collide and can be purchased using the Amazon link below. My new book, When Paths Collide has just been published on Amazon. This story bring together some of the previous characters from other stories and how they cope when they all meet up, albeit accidentally. To read an excerpt you can press the Excerpt Chapter Link. To read more about the book you can press When Paths Collide Link. I hope you enjoy reading it.   Book Description: Princess Shamone was used to courting danger even at the young age of sixteen. Fortunately for her, the people around her had no idea that she could defend herself let alone wield a sword, and that was exactly how she intended to keep it. Unfortunately, Sabian, her father's [...]