As a Reiki Practitioner I like to use specific music to work with, music that is relaxing and creates an atmosphere of positive energy and an holistic Reiki experience for my clients. I have a wonderful compliment of CD’s selected from the many CD’s I have listened to. I would like to give you the benefit of my experience and in so doing to also benefit your wallet, so, here is a list of the CD’s I feel work exceptional well with Reiki, Reflexolgy and Massage.

I used to own a Gift & Metaphysical Shop and only stocked the best quality music. As part of the shop I had a Therapy Room and when you are listening to music day in day out you have to find the right kind that you do not get bored with. I often download MP3’s from Amazon, here are a few of the tried and tested tracks that I still use, even after years of listening to them. I hope you enjoy my selection,

I will also do a blog on popular Guided Meditation CD’s and which CD’s are the most popular ones to buy, especially for those of you who are just getting into meditation and find that anything longer than 10 to 20 minutes is just too taxing for you lol!

Temple of Silence is an downloadable MP3 track from a CD Album called, Garden of the Gods, by Deuter. it is a stunning track and one that all of my Reiki clients loved; In fact most of them purchased the CD.

Heart of Reiki was the first CD that I ever bought for Reiki and it’s still playing in my CD Player even now some 13 years on.  Everyone loves this album, it’s one long continuous track, great for therapy work, chilling out, background sound when reading, ambient sound for dinners or to relax you to sleep,  its definitely well worth getting.

I used to sell all of these CD’s and they were incredibly popular, I have the whole collection and it gives me endless pleasure. Again, my sister Sharon and I used to play these CD’s all day long in our shop. People would hear them and always ask to buy them from us.

A little tip, if I may, for all the Reiki and Therapy Practitioners out there who find they need a license to play music, either in a therapy room or a shop environment.

This particular group of CD’s listed below are royalty free and do not require a license to play them in public, hence I played them in my shop and it used to save me around £180 a year, if that isn’t a good enough reason to buy these CD’s I don’t know what is. The reason they are royalty free is because the musicians produce the CD’s themselves and choose to not get royalties from being played in public, and while its a great promotional angle for the musician, its also a very generous gift on the part of the musician. So, not only do you buy great music but you also save money when you choose these tracks. All in all a total win, win situation. oh! and your ears will love you forever.