Crystals & Cutting Negative Ties

Crystals & Cutting Negative Ties Chakra's Because of my background in Reiki and other hands on healing modalities, I like to share with people any useful information that I come across.  In Reiki it is important to understand the bodies chakra system and how it can be become imbalanced. There are many ways to help realign the chakra system and along with Reiki or Tuning Forks I also like to use Crystals. To read more about Cutting Negative Ties in the Chakra system please follow the highlighted link. Always remember when doing any hands on healing to use  positive intent. I will talk more about Tuning Forks and Reiki in future posts. I hope this article helps those of you who wish to actively take control of your own well being.  The best place to buy crystals is at Mind Body & Spirit Fairs, or for harder to find crystal you could [...]