Book Five Published: Spirits of the Medicine Drum

New Ebook Five Published Spirits of The Medicine Drum   Hi there, this is the Fifth book in my new series. It's called Spirits Of The Medicine Drum and can be purchased using the Amazon link below. Book Description: Princess Shamone had accidentally or not so accidentally overheard Sabian, her arch nemesis and father's junior aide, arranging to meet two trackers, who, she discovered, were on the trail of an ancient artefact. If Sabian, could managed to track down this artefact, then it would put him in line for a promotion, something that Shamone would put a stop to at all costs. Determined to scupper Sabian's plans, she decided to find out where he planned to meet the trackers, eavesdrop in on their conversation, find the location of the artefact and retrieve it before Sabian could get his hands on it. Unfortunately, Shamone and Sabian were not the only ones [...]