Little Wings Guidance Cards Review


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The Little Wings Guidance Oracle has 52 cards with uplifting messages designed to inspire the heart, remind you of your inner guidance, and provide clarity about your life purpose. It’s a light and simple oracle deck.

Created by Sonja Kallio

Please ask permission from the Author/Artist before using their art work


I’ve just received my Little Wing Guidance Cards and they have some lovely art work on them, all of which was done by the author herself. They are a small deck but that kind of makes them easier to shuffle, which I like. They are very whimsical by nature so anyone who likes a pack of cards that are different then these would be worth looking at. The guidance in these cards is more philosophical than your standard deck so if you want to look a little deeper at the question you are asking guidance about, then they help you to see the other side of the coin as it were, that’s to say, they speak to you about what you may be missing or even simplifying an answer in a way that you had not thought of. Sometimes when we search for answers we can over complicate things so these cards bring everything back to basics for you. If you are looking for a simple yes or no answer then these cards are not for you. If you want to dig a little deeper and like a pack of cards that actually make you think about your situation, then these would make a nice addition to your collection.  Personally, I like them.

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