New Ebook Three Published

The Jade Pendant





Hi there, this is my third book in my new series. It’s called The Jade Pendant and can be purchased on Amazon using the link below.

Book Description:

Princess Shamone loved an adventure, especially if it meant ditching her entourage of guards and travelling around her kingdom in disguise. She was fascinated by the people beyond her castle walls. The same could not be said of her parent’s, Princess Opia and Prince Tylox who, it had to be said, would rather their sixteen-year-old daughter stay safely ensconced with the castle walls. To deter Shamone from seeking adventures, they had assigned their junior aide, Sabian, to keep a close eye on her. Sabian took his job seriously and tried his best to thwart Shamone’s attempts to sneak out of the castle. Shamone, to his utter chagrin always managed to outwit him. Annoyed, he had vowed to catch her out no matter what it took, but when a new adventure called to her, Shamone rose to the challenge. Right now, the challenge was to find the answer to a jade pendant and how it was connected to the legend of Tanook Maloof, an ancient dragon.


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Price £1.99