New Ebook Two Published

The Emerald Thief



Hi there, this is my second book in my new series. It’s called The Emerald Thief and can be purchased on Amazon using the link below.

Book Description:

Princess Shamone was the only daughter to Prince Tylox and Princess Opia. She lived in a fancy castle and could have pretty much anything she desired. What she desired however was to explore her kingdom without an entourage of chaperons and guards. Uncaring of the restrictions that were forced upon her, Shamone enlisted Ilengor, one of her father’s ex-soldiers, to teach her the art of Shenshu, the art of two swords.

Ilengor’s wife Mageena, had, until recently been Shamone’s tutor and guardian at the castle. Sabian, one of her father’s young personal aides, had conspired to have Mageena replaced by new tutors. Shamone had sworn to make Sabian pay for this traitorous act, but Sabian was not so easily thwarted. Much to Shamone’s chagrin, he strives to catch her out every time she leaves the castle without permission. Undeterred, Shamone, dressed in a disguise and armed with her twin blades seeks to discover what adventures await beyond her castle walls.

Princess Shamone is determined to find and return a valuable emerald to its rightful owner. Trouble is, she has no idea where it is or who the rightful owner is, until that is she overhears a conversation which makes her more determined than ever to complete her quest, even if that quest involves crossing swords with and outfoxing her arch nemesis, Sabian.

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