Book Review


Animal Messages


Here are three of my favourite Books that explain Animal Messages.

My first choice is Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer. This is the book I use the most often. It is very informative and the messages are always, without fail, spot on. In my 14 years of using Reiki it was the animals who showed themselves to me first. It took me a good few weeks before I clicked on that the images were not just random visions popping into my head but messages. I started to notice certain animals showing up time and time again. Eventually I made the connection that there was a reoccurring message behind the visions. Back then, there were no books on power animals or Animal Spirit Guides so I was relegated to finding web pages on the subject. So imagine how relieved I was to finally find a book that I could keep by my Reiki couch. In fourteen years of connecting to these beautiful animals, I have never once found the information that they impart to be wrong. Their messages are powerful and meaningful; all we have to do is pay attention to what they are trying to tell us. I would highly recommend anyone interested in connecting to animal spirit guides to buy a book on the subject; you will not be disappointed with the wisdom held within their pages.


Animal Spirit Guides

My second and third choices are Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. And Animal speak, also by Ted Andrews. Both books are equally as good as my first choice. Again, I will use one or the other depending on whether a particular animal is or is not in one of the books.

Animal Wise

Animal Speak