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When Paths Collide

(Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 1)

Even at the young age of sixteen Princess Shamone courted danger. Fortunately, her parents did not know she could defend herself let alone wield a sword, and that was exactly how she intended to keep it.

Unfortunately, Sabian, her father’s junior aide suspected that things were not quite right. Curious, he vowed to uncover the truth. But when a close friend of Shamone’s becomes seriously injured, she vows to use all her hidden skills to find a cure that will save his life, even if that cure can only be found in an inaccessible part of a kingdom she has never visited.

Determined to save Ilengor’s life at any cost, Shamone escapes the confines of her parent’s castle. But Shamone soon finds that fate would conspire to throw obstacles in her path, obstacles like a Calliston Warrior, fey, fairies, Palaso Warriors and a rather unscrupulous dark creature called Ikava.

Shamone soon realises that she cannot complete her quest alone, but who can she trust when paths collide and the only cure is a lone Sapphire Moon Lotus that sits on top of a sacred mountain deep in elemental territory?

Shamone had one goal, find the cure and take it back to Ilengor or die trying.



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When Paths Collide: Volume 1 (Mixed Kingdoms)


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