Follow the Heart

(Hyperion Series Book 1)

A young princess, the only daughter of Prince Tylox and Princess Opia, learns that many dangers lurk beyond the safety of her castle walls. Determined to experience life as the people of her kingdom do, Princess Shamone chooses to wear a disguise, and with the help of a few trusted friends, she learns how to defend herself against those who would harm her. Shamone soon learns the hard way that sometimes, those closest to her can be more traitorous than the criminals who live just beyond her castle walls.

Sabian, one of her father’s junior aides is hell bent on proving that she is the one thwarting her parent’s schemes to gain more power and wealth. And so a cat and mouse games ensues between them, each trying to plot the others downfall. At sixteen, Shamone knows that it is hard to tell friend from foe and that to succeed she must learn the difference and learn fast, for outside the safety of her comfortable surroundings awaits a world of intrigue and danger. And to survive outside her castle walls she must live a double life, on the outside a young princess, but bubbling beneath her regal exterior lies a young warrior who fights to right the wrongs inflicted by others.


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Follow The Heart (Hyperion Series Book 1)



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