A Warrior’s Revenge

A Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 8

Life was peaceful at the Phoenix Temple, simple and calm. Grow food, pray and heal those in need, but all that changed one stormy night when intruders shattered the monk’s peaceful sanctuary. With no weapons to fight back, they have no choice but to concede to the demands of their attackers, but one monk discovers a skill that even he did not know he possessed. Then the nightmares began and the life he thought he knew changed forever.

Determined to discover the source of his haunting dreams, Gabriel puts aside his life at the temple and sets out to resolve his troubling visions. But even he isn’t prepared for the truths that his quest will unearth.

To rid himself of his nightmares, Gabriel must embrace the truth that he might not be the person he thought he was. Determined to balance out the scales of justice, he sheds his vows of peace and returns to a life he had long since forgotten.



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A Warrior’s Revenge (Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 8)


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