The Golden Chalice

(Oberon Series Book 7)

Blaine, a Palaso Warrior who lived as a Bounty Tracker in the Kingdom of Oberon feared nothing. Like his brothers and younger sister Auzara, he was fearless in battle, a skilled healer and gifted with the knowledge of otherworldly creatures. Nothing made him uncomfortable or nervous, except maybe one thing, Emily, his annoyingly obnoxious cousin from the Kingdom of Palaso. Still, many miles and the Sea of Dragons parted them, so as long as it stayed that way, he was happy.

Unfortunately for Blaine, his idyllic world was about to be turned upside down by the one thing that sent a cold shiver down his spine, his fourteen-year-old cousin.

His first reaction was to go into hiding or better still, fake his own death, because sometimes it was wiser to concede the battle than stand and fight. Sadly, Blaine’s older brother Benic had other ideas, and before Blaine could object, his brother assigned him the task of babysitting his younger cousin, a task made impossible when she acquires what she believes to be a treasure map. Could his day get any worse? He was about to find out.


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The Golden Chalice (Oberon Series)



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