The Dragon’s Eye

(Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 5)

Princess Shamone could not allow Sabian, her father’s junior aide to get his hands on the Dragon’s Eye. If she had to take a journey across the sea to another kingdom then so be it. Once there she would find the remaining relics to complete the Dragon’s Breath Sword and return it to its guardian.

To ensure he found the thief of the Dragon’s Eye, Sabian enlisted the help of Griffin, a high–ranking guard to Prince Tylox. Together they would track down the thief and if they had to follow them to the ends of the earth, they would not stop until they had unmasked them.

Shamone had very few friends she could trust, but allies could turn up in the unlikeliest of places. Still, how long could she keep up the facade of being a simple traveller when everyone around her was intent on hunting her down?



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The Dragon’s Eye (Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 5)



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