Ghost From The Past

(Hyperion Series Book 6)

At fourteen, Arianna often wondered why life was so cruel as to land her with two uncaring vicious and greedy parents. The only thing they ever cared about was money. So when her only friend, an elderly lady with a kind heart asked to speak with her on her death bed, Arianna lost all hope of ever being happy. To her surprise, her friend confessed a long-held secret. Shocked at the startling revelation, Arianna vowed to leave the place she called home.

In a twist of fate, her miserable life had a glimmer of hope, and she would leave no stone unturned in search of the truth. Escaping the gem mines was forced to work in would be no easy task. The owner would not let her go without a fight but that would not stop Arianna from trying. She would watch, she would wait, and when the opportunity came, she would take to her heels and run.


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Ghost From The Past: Volume 6 (Hyperion Series)



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