The Sceptre of Rivel Gorge

(Mixed Kingdoms Series Book 2)

For once, Princess Shamone was determined to keep a low profile. No more misadventures or disappearing acts, at least until the dust settled from her last escapade. For one, she was still grounded at her parent’s castle, so there was little chance of her finding any adventure beyond her castle walls, well, unless it involved annoying the hell out of her father’s junior aide, Sabian.

Unfortunately, life had other plans for Shamone, plans that involved being kidnapped by a complete stranger, who then informed her that she is to help him retrieve an artefact from another kingdom. A kingdom that was home to a rather arrogant Calliston Warrior called Cugar. Now Shamone just knew that as night followed day, if Cugar found out that she was in his kingdom, he would never believe that she had been kidnapped and taken there against her will.

Shamone’s kidnapper, a young man called Royce, was feeling rather pleased with himself. Still, if he’d known exactly who he’d just kidnapped then maybe, just maybe he would have dropped her off at the nearest town and thanked his lucky stars that he had narrowly missed being trapped with the most annoying trouble making wretch he had ever crossed paths with. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that lucky.


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The Sceptre of Rivel Gorge: Volume 2 (Mixed Kingdoms)



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