A Truth Revealed

(Oberon Series Book 6)

Charity Tyr Elise did not always follow the rules, she tried, she really did. Unlike most women in the Kingdom of Oberon, she did not hesitate to draw a sword to defend herself or someone in need. This had attracted the attentions of two Calliston Warriors, who, it had to be said, swore to stamp out her reckless behaviour.

Charity had no intention of conceding her sword to anyone let alone two arrogant lackwitted Calliston Warriors. She was a Dragon Guardian but few people knew her secret and that was just the way she intended to keep it, but when a shocking truth is revealed, she will stop at nothing to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Charity however, did not realise just how powerful her adversaries would turn out to be.

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A truth Revealed: Volume 6 (Oberon Series)



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