The 72 Sigils of Power


72 Sigils of Power



Okay, so you read the hype and a few reviews, most of which tell you this book is great and you think, I hope it is but it sounds too good to be true.  Focus on a few symbols chant a few power words and bob’s your uncle, magic happens. Hmm.

Sounds too simple to be true I thought, well I was shocked at how fast this book worked for me.

Years of affirmations, prattling on to the angels for divine intervention, prayers to anyone willing to listen in the ether and nothing.  Until I found this book that was.

I read this book and I love the way she has made it so simple to understand. She could have written a book on the book but she cut straight to the chase and got down to the nitty gritty.

So, book in hand I peruse the sigils, find a few I’m in need of, then I figure out if I need contemplative magic or results magic and follow the instructions.

I decided to try out the Breakaway sigil, and Talent. I then decide on a power sentence which are listed for you. I check out the correct way to pronounce the name of the sigil, a list of which is at the back of the book for easy reference, and I stare at the sigil, and then say the power words and the name for a few minutes. You can actually see a glow appear around the sigil, mine looked pale gold. Once I see the glow I know I have focused on the sigil sufficiently to connect to it.

I did this every other day, probably eight times in the first fortnight of owning this book. I asked for a new job. The next thing I know my brother rings me out of the blue, tells me someone he knows is looking for admin staff. I ring them up, have an interview and within five minutes I get the job and I was offered more money. I could not believe it. All it took was two weeks. The only problem was the job was for half the hours I needed so I declined. So, that set me to thinking that I should revise my focus on the sigils. I’ll do the same thing with the same sigils only I’ll focus on more hours in my new job. So, let’s see what happens next.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to create a shift in their life. The book covers 300 different power words and seventy two sigils. There is a sigil covering most topics. I’m still amazed at how fast it worked. So as long as you follow the instructions properly and get into a zone of focus, I have no doubt this book will become invaluable to you. Pick a sigil and simply let the magic flow.

Amazon says:

When you look at these glorious, mystical Sigils in a specific state of mind, magic happens. The magic happens within you and is reflected in your world. This book contains two types of magic. Contemplation Magic can give you great insight and wisdom, and will help you develop abilities and create new aspects of your personality. Results Magic can be used to make changes in the world around you. This is the simplest form of magic known, but it works. Each Sigil of Power contains one of The 72 Names of God. These are mighty three-letter words, written in Hebrew. These sacred names are a trigger for real magic. There is one small problem – there’s lots of misinformation out there when it comes to the 72 Names. Although there are some first-rate books, and even a few useful websites, there’s a lot of poorly researched material that will lead you away from the magic. Often the names are incorrectly listed, badly drawn or their secrets are concealed. Here, the 72 Names of God are presented as visual Sigils, complete with the secret Words of Power that activate them. There are detailed instructions for working on inner change and outer magic. More than 300 individual powers are explored in this book. The Names are written as clearly and beautifully as possible, bound by a solid circle to enhance your focus. Each letter was handcrafted, based on traditional techniques and the visual requirements of modern readers. The Names in this book are the most accurate and accessible that you can find. You will discover how to: Use the names to access angelic power. Work with Contemplation Magic to gain insight and wisdom. Use Results Magic to change yourself and your world. Attract the things, people and events that will make you happy. Banish pain, loneliness, sadness and regret. Develop new character traits. Discover your true will and inner needs. When you work with these Sigils of Power you will gain a stronger connection to yourself, and the better you know yourself the easier it is for all your desires to manifest. That is the real power of Divine Magic.

The 72 Sigils of Power

The 72 Sigils of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom and Change

72 Sigils of Power